About Us

Kids Kountry Kennel is located in Michigantown, Indiana. We are committed to providing excellent service and the perfect puppy to each customer!


Committed to excellence in raising quality, healthy puppies

We raise AKC Miniature Schnauzer puppies. We have puppies approximately 4 times a year. We have been breeding this wonderful breed, and only this breed, for 30 years. I have hundreds of happy customers and many return buyers

Kids Kountry Kennel’s foundation is based on honesty and hard work to raise the perfect pup for families to enjoy

Passion for What I Do-I am very passionate about raising happy, healthy puppies for families to enjoy for many years to come!

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I want you to be able to reach me in whatever way is most convenient for you. I am available anytime via the following methods below. Click the button below to contact me now!

Call us at 765-242-7857

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  1. Carol Kortebein says:

    Hi, I’m looking for my sister who has an amazing black female schnauzer who is 13 years old and has pancreatic issues. My sister almost lost her some months ago but we believe the Lord miraculously healed her, the dr. was amazed she made it thru. Anyway, the dog is showing more signs of problems and my sister who lives alone says she isn’t ready to give Lilly up. (I’m a friend of Wilma Yutzy who got Daisy for a brief time.) All that to ask a couple of questions. Do you know what months specifically you will have more litters this year? And what is your cost? My sister would like (eventually) another black female schnauzer.
    Thanks for your time and responses.


    1. kimbridg says:

      Hi! I have two black females right now. They can go home in June And July. I won’t have anymore til November or December
      They are 1200. A200.00 deposit yo hold them and 1,000 when picked up.


    2. kimbridg says:

      Hi! I have two Black and Tan ( or silver) baby girls now. Did you sister find one?


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